Permitted Development FAQs

Can my permitted development rights be removed?

Your permitted development rights can be removed all together via an Article 4 direction, or by means of a restriction on planning permission.

Can local authorities limit my permitted development rights?

Your local authorities have the powers to impose a Local Development Order or a Neighbourhood Development Order. The conditions for which vary on a case-by-case basis and can be found via your local planning authorities’ website or by contacting your local planning authorities.

When do You require a party wall agreement?

If your planned works fall on or near your property boundary then you will require a party wall agreement held between yours and the adjacent property to the proposed build. 

There are two ways of going about a party wall agreement; one being that you and your neighbour can come to a mutual agreement regarding the proposed works, alternatively you can choose to appoint a party wall surveyor to draw up the agreement for you.

Does falling within a greenbelt effect my permitted development rights?

If your property is situated within a green belt, then Permitted Development rights apply to your property. As green belts are separate from the designated areas previously mentioned there are no restriction to your Permitted Development rights.

As with many extensions to properties permitted development provides the simplest option for extending your home.