Permitted Development for Outbuildings

‘Buildings under Class E should be built for purposes incidental to the enjoyment of the house.’

Outbuildings are not considered to be permitted development if they are intended to be used as a habitable space such as ‘separate self-contained accommodation or the use of an outbuilding for primary living accommodation such as a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen.’

REF: (Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, September 2019, Permitted development rights for householders Technical Guidance)

Any outbuilding built under Permitted development shall be for the purpose of serving maintenance to the existing dwelling or for the purpose of serving enjoyment to the occupants of the existing dwelling.

Your outbuilding is not considered as permitted development if you intend to let it out or use it as an air bnb.

What can you achieve from an outbuilding built under permitted development?

As with all other permitted development scenarios you can develop up to 50% of the curtilage of your property discounting the footprint of the original dwelling.

Under permitted development your outbuilding must

  • Be single Storey.
  • Have a maximum eaves height of 2.5m
  • Be no more than 4m in height at the highest point with a dual pitched roof or 3m in height in any other case.
  • Be no more than 2.5m in height where the proposed building is within 2m of the boundary of the curtilage.
  • Be no more than 3m in height at the highest point in any other scenario.
  • Not consume more than 50% of the curtilage discounting the original dwelling. 

Outbuilding on designated land

Any proposed outbuilding on designated land under Article 2(3) to be sited between a wall forming part of the side elevation and the boundary of the curtilage is not permitted Under permitted development. 

Distance restriction on Article 2(3) land (excluding conservation areas)

Any proposed construction of an outbuilding on land designated as a World Heritage Site, a National Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty or the Broads, that is to be sited 20m or more from the nearest external wall of the existing property is restricted to a maximum footprint of no more than 10munder permitted development.