We are Moon Design

Modernist extension interior with fully glazed wall

For over 20 years, we’ve designed homes. In this time, we’ve discovered a truth. Good design isn’t about modern or traditional, minimalist or eclectic, black or white, soft or hard. It’s about whether it works well and feels right to you

To us, good design is whether, it’s fit for purpose, has longevity, is good value, is buildable, looks beautiful and most importantly, makes you happy. By working together, we can prioritise your requirements to find and answer these questions that will define your project. This is how good design happens.

Our Model

We have created an independent design service, borne of delivering over 400 projects on the ground. You retain complete control over who builds the design, so you can choose the right builder for your project. 

Our project legacy is built into every design we do. The result:

  • A design that is buildable.
  • A design that reflects your budget 
  • A design that has longevity and works 
  • A design that answers the brief and is about you…not us. 

Of course, if you feel Moon BUILD are the right people to build your project and take advantage of a more joined up process, that is also your choice.

Side lean-to extension interior with crittall doors

Fee Proposal

Following our initial phone consultation or site visit, we will send you a fee proposal. This fee will be broken into several stages: survey, concept design, budget review, planning applications, building regulations and technical development. You choose the stages you want.


We are excited to be able to offer you your own online portal, called Moon BASE. It gives you a window into your project.   It helps us manage the communication between you and us.  No more trawling through your inbox trying to find the right drawings or last correspondence. Everything you need in one place.


Open plan office and meeting room

We work in a different way to many architectural firms. Rather than allocate one designer or architect to work alone on your project, we work as a team and apply multi-disciplinary skills from the get-go.

Architects, technicians, interior designers, product designers and graphic designers. Whatever skill and knowledge it takes to find that perfect balance of creativity and practicality. This leads to better design and a more deliverable project.